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                                BATTLESTAR GALACTICA
                              "The Staff of Asclepius"


               FADE IN:


               Laura walks down an empty hallway of an empty grade school,
               her FOOTSTEPS echo on the polished marble floor. All around
               her are deserted classrooms, neat and untouched, resembling
               the idealistic state of a school on the weekend, or the
               remains of one after a nuclear holocaust. 

               Though the hallway is dim, bright DAYLIGHT filters through
               the windows. Laura wanders aimlessly until she glimpses
               MOVEMENT at the end of the hallway -- the quick flutter of a
               CHILD ducking around a corner quickly followed by the hollow
               sound of CHILDREN'S LAUGHTER.  

                         Hello? Don't be afraid.  

               LAURA picks up her pace. She rounds the corner and...

               ...It's another deserted hallway. Laura stands, confused,
               until she hears the laughter again, but this time coming from
               the opposite direction. Laura whips her head around. There at
               the end of another hallway a LITTLE GIRL with slight Asian
               features stands awkwardly holding a RAG DOLL. 

               Laura smiles, relieved. 

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         Hi there. Don't be afraid, I'm not
                         going to hurt you. What's your

               She walks towards the girl, but as she comes closer the girl
               suddenly ducks into a classroom. 

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         No, wait! 

               Laura runs after her into...


               Laura enters the pristine classroom and stops dead in her

               SHE SEES: The little girl at the far side of the room,
               holding a Colonial standard-issue PISTOL which looks heavy
               and bulky in her small hands. Sharon (in her Colonial
               military uniform) leans over her, propping her hands on top
               of the little girl's hands, positioning the gun correctly.
               The two enjoy themselves and don't notice Laura watching

               And Laura watches, horrified. She takes a step backwards but
               suddenly a HAND grabs her shoulder. 

                                   SHARON (O.S.)
                         Madame President.

               Laura SCREAMS, whips around, and finds herself staring into
               the expressionless face of another Sharon (this one wearing
               regular clothes) whose hand still grasps Laura's shoulder.    

                                   SHARON (cont'd)
                         Madame President.

               Off of Sharon's blank robotic expression we cut to...


               Laura, in her bed, jerks awake. Tory leans over her, fully
               dressed, her hand on Laura's shoulder, her face a mixture of
               business and concern.  

                         Madame President. Good, you're

                         What? What is it? 

                         We're under attack. 


               Laura blinks hard to regain her senses. She jumps out of bed
               and, still in her nightgown, marches to the windows.  

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         When did it start? Why didn't you
                         wake me? 

                         It just happened, Madame President.
                         They just appeared. The captain is
                         prepping the FTL drive. We're
                         waiting for Admiral Adama's order
                         to initiate the Jump. 

               Laura takes it all in. The shock is overwhelming. She turns
               to the window, her lips tight, her mind racing.

                             (to herself)
                         My gods...It's been so long...

               She stares helplessly out the window and we follow her gaze


               Vipers sway and swerve in and out of formation as they
               prepare to engage the incoming Raiders. 

               EXT. SPACE - CYLON RAIDERS

               The Raiders are all perfectly aligned, heading straight for
               the fleet.

               INT. KARA'S VIPER

               Kara looks bleakly at the approaching Raiders.

                         All right boys and girls. It's
                         simple. We're going in and out, you
                         hear me? Nice and easy. 

               INT. KAT'S VIPER

               Kat smirks.

                         When is it ever nice and easy?

               INT. KARA'S VIPER

               Kara tugs on the controls and her Viper shoots in front of
               the others.

                         Today is looking good.
                         We're in firing range. Don't miss.

               With that remark Kara squeezes the GUN TRIGGER. 

               EXT. SPACE

               The Vipers all OPEN FIRE. Kara immediately hits a Raider and
               it EXPLODES.

               INT. KAT'S VIPER

               Kat hits a Raider. 

                         Yeah! Take that!

               INT. HOT DOG'S VIPER

               Hot Dog hits a Raider.

                                   HOT DOG
                         Whoo! Got him!

               EXT. SPACE

               The Raiders are quickly diminishing in numbers.

               INT. DUCK'S VIPER

               Duck hits a Raider.

                         Yeah! Nice and easy, that's how I
                         like it!

               INT. KARA'S VIPER

               Through Kara's CANOPY we can see that only two Raiders
               remain. But for such a happy occasion, Kara sure looks

                         Something's wrong here -- they're
                         not firing back.

                                   KAT (WIRELESS)
                         Who gives a frak as long as they're

               EXT. SPACE

               Kat swoops in past Kara, firing freely. 

               As the two Raiders fly side by side, Kat hits one of them and
               it EXPLODES. The other Raider maintains course. If Raiders
               could flinch, this one didn't. 

               INT. KARA'S VIPER

               Kara zeros in on the last Raider. 

               But as she squeezes the trigger suddenly TEN MORE Raiders
               JUMP IN right in front of them! 


               Condition One is set. Everyone is at their stations. Adama
               and Tigh stare with anticipation at the DRADIS screen as the
               blips representing Vipers suddenly become outnumbered. 

                         Dradis contact! I'm reading five --
                         no, make that ten Raiders!  

                                   KARA (WIRELESS)
                         Frak! They're on top of us!

               Tigh looks at Adama eagerly.

                         We should Jump. With this many
                         Raiders a Base Star can't be far

               Adama stares at the dradis screen. The blips suddenly mean
               something new to him.

                         Did you see that? They're coming in

                         Waves? No. What is that? A new

               Adama shakes his head, not sure what to make of it yet. So he
               just stares at the dradis screen, waiting, hoping that his
               Vipers finish the job. 

                                   HOT DOG (WIRELESS)
                         I got one on my tail!

               EXT. SPACE - CONTINUOUS

               But the Vipers are scrambling.

               INT. HOT DOG'S VIPER

               Hot Dog frantically swerves defensively as one Raider
               persistently sits on his tail, firing continuously. 

                                   HOT DOG
                         I can't shake him!

               EXT. SPACE

               Duck spins around and comes to Hot Dog's aid.

                                   DUCK (WIRELESS)
                         I got him.

               Duck fires and hits the Raider.

               Kat maneuvers around the stray shots, aiming at any Raider to
               cross her path. 

               INT. KAT'S VIPER

               Kat zeros in on one Raider. She eagerly squeezes the trigger
               and watches her bullets fly, waiting to see them connect. 

                         Come on, come on, come on...

               EXT. SPACE

               But this wave of Raiders flies defensively and Kat's bullets
               whiz by without hitting their mark. 

                                   KAT (WIRELESS)

               The Raiders are now grouped together and have no trouble
               sneaking past the scrambling Vipers.

               INT. KARA'S VIPER 

               Kara pulls on the THRUSTERS and her Viper spins around.

                         It's never nice and easy.

               EXT. SPACE

               Kara desperately races her Viper after the Raiders, firing
               blindly. But it's too late.

               The Raiders have slipped past them and are now heading
               straight for the fleet...

               INT. GALACTICA - CIC

               Everyone is watching and waiting. Adama and Tigh stare at the
               dradis screen. 

                                   KARA (WIRELESS)
                         Galactica/Starbuck! Be advised --
                         multiple targets heading your way.
                         Repeat -- multiple targets heading
                         your way!  

                         They're through. 
                             (to Gaeta)
                         Stand by for evasive maneuvers.
                             (to Adama)
                         We need to resume Jump prep now.

                         The Raiders are in firing range of
                         the fleet. 

                         Mr. Gaeta, bring the port guns

               INT. PEGASUS - CIC

               A flurry of activity similar to the Galactica CIC. Lee's eyes
               burrow into the dradis screen.

                         I'm not detecting any radiological
                         activity -- they're not firing at

                         What are they up to then?

                         We'll take them out before we find
                             (to helmsmen)
                         I want us positioned between those
                         Raiders and the fleet. 

               EXT. SPACE - CONTINUOUS

               Galactica's PORT GUNS fire at the Raiders, quick steady
               bursts, while Pegasus begins to dip into a position that will
               block the fleet from the cylons.

               In this exchange two Raiders are hit and they EXPLODE. But
               the rest continue on, full of purpose, still not firing a
               single round.   

               INT. KARA'S VIPER 

               Kara watches as the Raiders suddenly BREAK from their tight
               formation and veer in separate directions.

               Three Raiders fly dangerously close to the fleet, while five
               of them head in the opposite direction.

               As realization slowly dawns on Kara... 

               EXT. SPACE

               The three Raiders heading towards the fleet suddenly pick up
               speed and KAMIKAZE right into the hulls of THREE SEPARATE
               FLEET SHIPS. 

               The carnage is great. DEBRIS and flames spill from the
               wounded ships.

               But the remaining Raiders aren't finished yet. Five of them
               now head straight for Pegasus!

               While the port guns of the battlestar destroy two more
               Raiders, three still remain. 

               INT. PEGASUS - CIC

               Lee's eyes dart between his officers and the dradis screen. 

                                   KARA (WIRELESS)
                         Pegasus/Starbuck. Three Raiders are
                         fast approaching your starboard

                         No effect, sir. The proximity is
                         too close. 

                                   KARA (WIRELESS)
                         Repeat -- three Raiders are
                         through. Lee -- they're heading
                         right for you!

                         Keep firing. 
                             (to XO)
                         Send out more Vipers. 

                         They're all out, Sir.

                         Then recall them! 

               A SIREN goes off. Hoshi spins in his chair, his eyes wide
               with terror.

                         Proximity alert!

               Lee hangs his head, fuming over the enemy's triumph. 

                         Brace for impact!

               EXT. SPACE - CONTINUOUS

               The three Raiders SLAM, in full force, one after the other,
               into the guts of Pegasus! 

               As the battlestar bleeds debris into space we...

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                    END OF TEASER
                                       ACT ONE

               FADE IN:

               INT. GALACTICA - CIC

               The moment of shock passes. Now it is time to act. Adama
               clenches his teeth.

                         Damage report.

                         Not sure, sir. They hit four ships
                         including Pegasus. It's too soon to
                         tell the damage.

                         Are there any more Raiders?

                         I'm not seeing anything on dradis. 

                             (to Dualla)
                         Get me Lee on the line.

               Dualla hides her fear well as she begins trying to contact
               Pegasus. She repeats the same line over and over...

                         Pegasus/Galactica. Do you read?
                         Pegasus/Galactica. Do you read?

               Adama blinks hard. Anger boiling beneath his stoic exterior. 

                         How the hell did they find us?

                         It doesn't matter how. It matters
                         that we weren't ready.

                         Pegasus/Galactica. Do you read?
                         Pegasus/Galactica. Do you read?

               Adama looks at Dualla, she looks back grimly, slowly shaking
               her head.



               EXT. SPACE 

               Kara and the rest of the Vipers circle the wounded Pegasus. 

               INT. KAT'S VIPER

               Kat shakes her head in disbelief.

               INT. HOT DOG'S VIPER

               Same look of disbelief on his face as Kat's.

               INT. KARA'S VIPER

               Kara winces when she sees through her canopy pieces of
               Pegasus' BULK HEAD collapse and vent out into space. 

                         Kat, Hot Dog, I want you to fly a
                         perimeter around the fleet in case
                         more of them decide to pay us a

                                   HOT DOG (WIRELESS)
                         My pleasure.

                                   KAT (WIRELESS)
                         Those motherfrakkers are gonna pay.

                         The rest of you go back to
                         Galactica. We may need to Jump.

               INT. KAT'S VIPER

               Kat has a mixture of worry and suspicion on her face.

                         And what about you? 

               INT. KARA'S VIPER

               Kara doesn't answer immediately, but when she does she speaks
               with resolve. Her mind is set and she knows what she is about
               to do is dangerous.



                         I'm going to check out the damage. 

               And she pulls on the thrusters. 

               EXT. SPACE

               Kara's Viper shoots forward, heading for Pegasus. The rest of
               the Vipers break as well. Kat and Hot Dog buddy up and fly
               towards the fleet's perimeter while the other Vipers go back
               to Galactica.  

               INT. GALACTICA - CIC

               CU on the dradis screen: The blip that represents Kara's
               Viper moves towards Pegasus. Tigh squints at the image.
               Dualla still attempts to reach Pegasus. 

                         Pegasus/Galactica. Do you read?

                             (re: Kara)
                         What the hell is she doing? We need
                         to Jump. 
                             (to Dualla)
                         Tell her to get back here.

                         Belay that. We're not Jumping until
                         I know what the status of the fleet
                         is. Who knows what the cylons were
                         thinking sending those Raiders. 

                         I can tell you what they were
                         thinking. They wanted us dead, what

                         We both know this was an unusual
                         attack. I can't risk it. I want to
                         know what's happening. If we can't
                         get through to Pegasus then maybe
                         Starbuck can. 

               Tigh shakes his head, but that's about all he can do. 

                         Pegasus/Galactica. Do you--

               Dualla suddenly presses her fingers to her HEADSET and
               listens hard. She looks at Adama anxiously.

                                   DUALLA (cont'd)
                         Sir, I think I have something.

               As Adama waits for the report...


               Kara's Viper lands a little rough.  

               INT. PEGASUS - HANGAR BAY

               The Viper comes to a rest and the canopy slides open, but
               Kara isn't immediately surrounded by DECK HANDS like usual. 

               In fact what is happening inside Pegasus is anything but

               OFF KARA as she looks at her surroundings: Lights FLICKER,
               deck hands run frantically putting out STRAY FIRES.

               Kara flings off her helmet and cuffs. She climbs out of her
               Viper and joins the CHAOS. 

               INT. PEGASUS - CORRIDOR

               The corridor is only half lit. PILOTS and OFF DUTY OFFICERS
               all pass Kara as she walks towards CIC. They all look shaken.
               Some are bleeding. Kara picks up her pace.

               INT. PEGASUS - CIC 

               Kara BURSTS into the CIC. All the officers are busy hitting
               the various panels of their various consuls. Everyone is
               visibly on edge.

               Kara quickly scans the room -- relief flashes in her eyes as
               she sees...

               Lee standing in the middle of the room, a HANDSET pressed
               tightly to his ear. He listens hard, sweat pouring down his
               neck. The top buttons of his uniform are undone. A FRESH CUT
               is visible beneath his hairline. 

                         ...Galactica? Can you hear me?
                         Galactica, do you copy?

               He slams the handset down and turns to Hoshi.

                                   LEE (cont'd)
                         I thought I had them.  

               Hoshi checks his CONSULS and shakes his head.

                         Communications are down, Sir. I'm
                         not sure we can bring them back
                         online without an external--

                         Just fix it!  

               Exasperated, Lee turns to his XO.

                                   LEE (cont'd)

               The XO looks somberly at Lee.

                         It's too early to tell.

               Lee nods, the gravity of the situation slowly hitting him. He
               finally turns to Kara, his eyes brimming with the burden of
               being a leader.

                         Kara...What happened out there?

               As Kara chokes on her answer we cut to...


               Adama sits behind his desk. 

                         We weren't ready.

               He removes his glasses and looks up at Laura. She leans
               staring down at him, both her palms pressed firmly on the
               surface of his desk.   

                                   ADAMA (cont'd)
                         That's what happened.

               Laura shakes her head.

                         No, not with an attack of this
                         caliber. There must be something
                         else. Something we're missing.  

                         Four ships hit -- one of them, a
                         battlestar. This wasn't some random
                         attack, it was a calculated

               Tigh, who has been sitting in an armchair in the back now
               suddenly pipes in.

                         Damn right it was. Months go by and
                         nothing. Now suddenly they want to

                         The attack on the Twelve Colonies
                         was meticulously planned and
                         executed. They practically wiped us
                         out in one go... But the tactics
                         employed today...
                         They almost seems desperate to me. 

                         Suicide attacks are not unheard of.  

               Tigh stands up and comes closer to the desk.

                         That cylon -- Doral -- blew itself
                         up and took half a deck with it.
                         Almost took us with it.

               Tigh looks at Adama who nods.

                                   TIGH (cont'd)
                         They're cylons. They want us
                         destroyed. It doesn't matter to
                         them how they do it as long as it's

               Laura paces.

                         Then are we safe? Are you going to
                         order a Jump, Admiral?

                         No. Not yet. I want the threat on
                         the damaged ships neutralized
                         first. We can't risk losing

               A KNOCK at the door. Dualla peeks in. 

                         Admiral, I have the captain of the
                         Xanthus Star on the line. He says
                         it's urgent.

               Adama puts his glasses back on.

               INT. PEGASUS - AFT HANGAR BAY

               Piles of large SUPPLY BINS are stacked neatly on one side of
               the room. But on the other side the supply bins are torn
               apart and scattered. The cause of this mess is a Raider. Its
               BODY sits amidst the debris, but its wings have been
               completely severed. 

               Lee and Kara stand in the middle of the hangar bay, observing
               a group of deck hands trying to move the Raider with the help
               of a CRANE. 

               Lee points to a large jagged HOLE in the bulk head. 

                         Came through there. Hit with enough
                         force to penetrate two decks. I'm
                         surprised it made it this far. 

                         Where are the wings?

                         Probably still on C deck. Or stuck
                         in the hull somewhere. But
                         communications should come back up
                         now that we found the culprit.

               They watch the deck hands spin the body of the Raider.
               Suddenly one deck hand COLLAPSES. The others rush around him,
               trying to wake him up. 

               Lee and Kara look at each other. They rush over too.

                                   LEE (cont'd)
                         What happened?

                                   DECK HAND 
                         He said he felt sick, Sir. Then he
                         just collapsed. 

                         What's your name?

                                   DECK HAND
                         Turnus, Sir. Specialist Turnus.

                         All right, Turnus. We're going to
                         stay calm and we're going to take
                         this man to sickbay. 
                             (to all the deck hands)
                         All right?

                                   DECK HAND
                         Yes, Sir.

               But as they try to lift their unconscious friend, Turnus
               suddenly steps aside and VOMITS. He wipes his mouth, teeters
               slightly, and then also collapses.   

                         What the frak...

               A quick exchange of looks. Everyone is wide-eyed and afraid.


               Helo stands holding the RECEIVER to his ear, his palm pressed
               against the bars of the cell. 


               Sharon lies on her cot, ignoring him.  

                                   HELO (cont'd)
                         Sharon, I know you can hear me.

               Helo knocks on the cell bars to get her attention but she
               doesn't stir. So Helo knocks harder.

                                   HELO (cont'd)

               Finally she comes over and slowly puts the receiver to her
               ear. Her eyes full of bitter disdain.


                         We were attacked. Did you know? 
                         The cylons surprised us, Jumped in
                         and flew right at the ships. 

               He searches her face for something, the slightest hint of
               concern. But there is nothing.

                                   HELO (cont'd)
                         I wanted to make sure you were all

                         Were there any casualties?

                         Four ships were hit. No exact
                         number yet, but I'm sure there will
                         be some.

               Sharon looks him right in the eye.


               She drops the receiver. It dangles on its cord as Sharon
               collapses on her cot. 

               Helo bangs on the bars of the cell.

                         Sharon! Did you know anything about
                         the attack?

               But she turns on her side, hugging her knees, like a baby in
               the womb.

               INT. PEGASUS - CIC 

               Lee on the handset, Kara by his side. The mood in the CIC is
               anything but relaxed. 

                         ...Four of them are in sickbay now,
                         all unconscious. They all had
                         contact with the Raider. And now
                         I'm starting to get reports from
                         the rest of the ship -- people
                         complaining of nausea, nose bleeds.
                         These are the symptoms, the same
                         ones the deck hands experienced... 

               INT. GALACTICA - CIC - INTERCUT

               Adama on his own handset, listening closely. His eyes are
               filled with a father's concern.

                         I know. The other ships have all
                         reported the same thing, same exact

                         This can't be a coincidence. Do you
                         think it's some kind of virus? Some
                         new cylon biological weapon? 

                         It might be, yes. 
                             (to Tigh)
                         Get Cottle up here.
                             (back to Lee)
                         Lee, you need to seal off sickbay
                         and the breached decks immediately.
                         If it's airborne it could easily
                         spread through the ventilation

               INT. PEGASUS - CIC 

                         I know. I did that. But there's a

               Lee stops talking abruptly. Kara's eyes grow wide with

                         Oh gods, Lee...

               A trickle of BLOOD drips from his nose onto the consul in
               front of him. Lee, not quite understanding yet, wipes at it
               with the back of his hand. 

               Then suddenly it dawns on him. Lee looks at Kara, she stares
               back grimly. 

                         It's too late...

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                   END OF ACT ONE
                                       ACT TWO

               FADE IN:

               INT. COLONIAL ONE

               We're in the midst of a PRESS CONFERENCE. A throng of eager
               REPORTERS wave their TAPE RECORDERS, PENCILS, or PADS OF
               PAPER at Laura to get her attention. 

               But Laura stands behind her podium with her hand in the air,
               waiting patiently for the ROAR to die down. Tory stands by
               her side. 

                         Let me assure you all that although
                         the initial attack caught us by
                         surprise, we now have full control
                         of the situation. 

               Playa Palacios jumps up.

                         Madame President, three non
                         military ships were damaged and
                         nearly destroyed. How can you
                         insure the safety of the fleet the
                         next time the cylons attack? 

                         Each ship is to keep their FTL
                         engines on stand-by and if another
                         attack occurs Admiral Adama is
                         prepared to order a fleet-wide

               Sekou Hamilton stands up.

                         And what about the damaged ships?
                         There have been reports of a virus
                         on board? 

                         Yes, that is correct.

                         Was the virus part of the cylon
                         attack? Is the fleet at risk then? 

                         I have no new information for you
                         at this time.
                         However, let me assure you that the
                         afflicted ships are getting the
                         best care and attention that we can

               The reporters rumble. Now they all jump up.

                         Madame President! Madame President!

                         I'm sorry, that is all for now. As
                         soon as I receive any new
                         information I'll let you all know.
                         Thank you.

               Laura smiles and steps back from the podium. Tory whispers
               something in her ear and Laura nods.  

               In the back, behind all the agitated reporters Baltar leans
               against a DOOR FRAME, his arms crossed, his jaw clenched. 

               The seductive HAND of Number Six appears on his shoulder,
               slowly moving down his arm. 

                                   NUMBER SIX (O.S.)
                         Scoping out the enemy, Gaius?

                         No. Of course not.

               Number Six now steps out in full and looks Baltar in the eye.

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                         Well, maybe a little.

                                   NUMBER SIX
                             (re: Laura))
                         She's lying, you know.

                         Oh? You mean to tell me presidents
                         lie? How scandalous.

                                   NUMBER SIX
                         She said you have "full control" of
                         the situation, but you don't. You
                         never had. From the moment those
                         Raiders Jumped in you were

               Baltar stares ahead for a second before he looks her in the
               eye, smiling slyly.

                         Interesting that you mention the
                         Raiders...If I'm not mistaken,
                         flying at full speed into the hull
                         of a ship is often referred to as
                         suicide... And what does God think
                         of this particular stratagem?

               Anger flashes in Number Six's eyes. 

                                   NUMBER SIX
                         Careful Gaius.

                         No, I'm curious. Without the
                         Resurrection Ship, without the
                         possibility to download into a new
                         body, it really is suicide, isn't

               Number Six bears down on Baltar, looking all at once sexy,
               dangerous, and imposing.

                                   NUMBER SIX
                         Sometimes sacrifices must be made
                         for the greater good. 

               But Baltar laughs.

                         Yes. Right. "For the greater good."
                         Oh that's catchy. I might even
                         consider using that one as my
                         campaign slogan. 

               Off of Baltar's smug smile...

               INT. GALACTICA - HANGAR BAY

               Tyrol -- unshaven, tired, and cranky -- is under a DAMAGED
               VIPER, pulling at the FUEL VALVES with all his might. The
               valves won't budge. Tyrol pulls harder until the valves sever
               and FUEL spills out all over him.


               In frustration he slams his fist against the Viper's belly,
               and immediately recoils from the pain.

               Then he hears:

                                   CALLY (O.S.)
                         Officer on deck!

               Tyrol jumps up and stands at attention. Throughout the hangar
               bay the deck hands -- Cally, Jammer, and others -- all stand
               at attention because the officer on deck is none other than

               ANGLE ON Adama as he walks towards Tyrol, passing the
               saluting deck hands.

                         At ease.

               The deck hands all immediately go about their business. Cally
               gives Tyrol a lingering look. Tyrol wipes his jumpsuit with a
               DIRTY RAG, trying to get rid of the fuel stains.  

               When Adama gets closer, Tyrol stops. 

                         Admiral, what can I do for you,

                             (re: the Viper)
                         I see you've got your hands full
                         with this bird.

                         Just a bit, yes, Sir... Actually,
                         she's giving me all sorts of hell

               Adama smiles. Then immediately looks serious. Tyrol registers

                                   TYROL (cont'd)
                         Admiral, what is it?

                         I have a very important mission for
                         you, Chief. But it's dangerous. 

                         All right. What do you need me to

                         I need you to go to Pegasus.
                         Starbuck will meet you there. You
                         two know Raiders, their physiology.
                         I want you to bring back samples,
                         whatever Doc Cottle needs to find a
                         cure for this virus they were

                         Yes, Sir.

                         We're facing an epidemic, so do it
                         right and be careful. 

                         Yes, Sir.

               Tyrol salutes Adama, who salutes back. 

               As Adama exits, Tyrol watches him go. After a moment he
               WHISTLES, hailing Jammer to come over to him.

                                   TYROL (cont'd)
                         Hey! Jammer! 
                             (re: Viper)
                         Scrap this thing.

               EXT. SPACE

               A single Raptor flies towards Pegasus. 

                                   RACETRACK (WIRELESS)
                         Pegasus/Racetrack. Raptor 448
                         approaching your starboard side. 

               INT. RAPTOR

               The HUM of the engines is the only sound audible inside the

               The mood is all business as Racetrack brings the Raptor
               closer to Pegasus' landing strip. 

               While Helo navigates he glances at Tyrol, sitting in the
               back, wearing a FLIGHT-SUIT and HELMET, holding a MEDICAL BOX
               in his gloved hands.  

               ON TYROL: Tyrol's expression is blank, but his eyes flash
               something new, something we haven't seen from him before --
               it's the thrill of danger...

               INT. PEGASUS - HANGAR BAY

               The Raptor touches down smoothly.

               INT. RAPTOR

               OFF RACETRACK looking out the canopy: the hangar bay is
               DESERTED. No deck hands, no pilots, no movement at all. 

                         It's completely empty.

                             (to Tyrol)
                         You sure you want to go out there

                         Starbuck will meet me. 
                             (to Racetrack)
                         Open the hatch.

               Racetrack hits a button and the hatch pops open. 

                         Be careful, Chief. We don't want
                         this thing spreading throughout the
                         whole fleet.

               Tyrol jumps out of the Raptor.  


               As Tyrol walks away, the Raptor's hatch SEALS shut.

               INT. PEGASUS - CORRIDOR

               Dim lights. No one in sight. Except...  

               In the distance a human form in a PETTY OFFICER's uniform
               sits slumped against a wall. 

                         Hey! You all right?

               No response. Tyrol runs closer. The petty officer sits with
               his back against the wall and his head slumped forward --
               obviously DEAD. 

               Tyrol leans over him, and gently lifts his head. 

               OFF TYROL: The petty officer's eyes are GLAZED OVER, staring
               nowhere. He has OPEN SORES all over his face and neck. 

               Tyrol lets the head drop back down...

               INT. PEGASUS - AFT HANGAR DECK 

               It's the same hangar as seen before. The Raider's mutilated
               body still sits in the middle of the hangar, still attached
               to the crane. 

               Tyrol enters, looks around. This deck is also deserted

                                   KARA (O.S.)
                         Took your sweet time getting here.

               Tyrol whips around. Kara leans against one of the stray
               supply crates. She also wears a flight-suit and helmet. 

                         Sorry, Sir. We had to set up a
                         decontamination zone on Galactica,
                         for when the Raptor comes back.

                         Well you're here now, I guess
                         that's something. 

               Kara pushes herself off the crate, wincing a little. She
               moves slower than usual, each step requiring double the

                         I found a dead body out in the
                         corridor. A petty officer.

                         Guess they're dropping everywhere

               As she comes closer, it soon becomes clear that this is not
               the same Kara we know and love -- her skin is a shade paler,
               her hair sticks to her forehead, sweat drips down her face,
               dark circles surround her eyes, and there is dried blood
               beneath her nose.    

               Tyrol gawks at her appearance. Kara registers this.

                                   KARA (cont'd)
                         Don't worry, it feels much worse
                         than it looks.
                         You ready to do this?

               Tyrol nods. They head for the Raider.

                         This deck's been decompressed?

                         Lee vented it as soon as we set up
                         sickbay to receive incoming.
                         Clearly it didn't work... The virus
                         must have gotten into the
                         environmentals the moment those
                         Raiders crashed into the ship. 

                         And the decompression just caused
                         an increase in air circulation. So
                         by venting one deck the surrounding
                         decks were immediately infected. 
                         It's a clever plan. They must have
                         been counting on it.

               Kara clenches her jaw. She has to admit it...

                         The bastards got us good. 

               They approach the Raider. 

               Up close the Raider is missing much more than just the wings 
               - it's also missing a part of the underbelly and most of its
               head. GORE still drips from the open wounds. 

               Tyrol gets down on one knee and opens the medical box. He
               removes FORCEPS, VIALS, and several GLASS JARS. 

               Kara stands in front of the Raider, studying the remains of
               what used to be its head.  

                                   KARA (cont'd)
                             (to Tyrol)
                         What exactly do you need, anyway?



                         Anything and everything. 

               He comes over with the forceps and RIPS off a small bloody
               chunk from the stump that once was a wing. Then he drops the
               sample into one of the glass jars and seals it. 

                                   TYROL (cont'd)
                         Doc Cottle has a pretty substantial
                         theory that the Raiders weren't
                         carrying a virus with them--

                         No...They were infected with it. 

                         That's right. Infect the organic
                         part, let the machine navigate.

               Tyrol now takes a syringe and JABS the Raider. He pulls and
               draws blood. 

                         That's why they never fired at us,
                         but kept coming. They knew they
                         were going to die anyway...

               Kara comes very close to the Raider. 

                                   KARA (cont'd)
                         Didn't you?

               She touches the jagged edge of it's skull, her gloved hand
               comes back up bloody. She stares at her palm for a moment and
               then swings at the Raider, PUNCHING it repeatedly, with all
               her remaining strength. 


               Tyrol rushes over, grabs her from behind, trying to calm her
               down, but Kara struggles. 

                                   TYROL (cont'd)
                         Kara-- Kara-- Stop!

               She breaks out of his grasp and whirls around.

                         I can't. I can't just stop! More
                         than half the crew is sick now.
                         It's only a matter of time before
                         we're all dead... I just need-- I
                         need to do something. 

               Kara's eyes are full of fear and desperation. Tyrol's own
               anguish is reflected in them, yet he doesn't know how to

               INT. GALACTICA - SICKBAY

               Cottle sits on a swivel-chair, studying old medical CHARTS. 

               At the SOUND of the hatch opening, Cottle looks over his

               Adama enters.

                         I don't have anything to tell you

                         I'm not here for a report.

                         You think you've caught the virus?
                         Because you haven't.

               Adama blinks, a bit confused.

                                   COTTLE (cont'd)
                             (pointing at the medical
                         Well don't blame me. In the last
                         hour I've seen five lieutenants,
                         three petty officers, and Colonel
                         Tigh. All of them claiming to have
                         the symptoms. Frakking

                         Can you blame them? We've never
                         faced a threat like this. They're
                         The Raptor's coming back from
                         Pegasus. Dee just got word.

                         And you came all the way down here
                         just to tell me that?

               A faint smile flashes on Adama's face.

                         As soon as you have the samples, I
                         want you to work with Dr. Baltar on
                         analyzing them. 

               Cottle laughs.

                         You've got to be kidding. I'm not
                         working with that fruit cake. 

                         This is a cylon virus. He's a cylon

                         He's a nut.

               But Adama's eyes say -- Deal with it. Cottle doesn't like it
               one bit. 

                                   COTTLE (cont'd)
                         Oh all right. 
                         Where is he anyway?

               Off Adama's expression of -- Good question...

               EXT. SPACE - CLOUD NINE

               The ship is a brighter than the nearest star.

               INT. CLOUD NINE - GINA'S ROOM

               The lights are dim, sexy. 

               Baltar sits in an arm chair, his legs crossed, his fingers
               holding a glass of NECTAR, rhythmically tapping to the
               CONCERTO playing lightly in the background.   

               His eyes betray his every thought as he watches Gina sit down
               across from him, on the bed. 

               For all purposes, this looks like the conclusion of a perfect
               date. Until...

                         Now let me ask you something...When
                         exactly did the cylons start
                         experimenting with biological

               Gina is taken aback.


               Baltar places the glass of nectar on a side table. 

                         Did this contagion come as a result
                         of us destroying your Resurrection
                         Ship? Is it some sort of revenge?

               He strolls across the room and sits down on the bed, right
               next to Gina.

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                         Because, you know, viruses,
                         disease... It all seems so

               He moves closer to Gina, his hands inching up her arms. 

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                         Cylons are usually much more hands

               Gina looks at the carpet, knowing full well where this is

                         No. I-- I don't know.

               Baltar's hands now move over her shoulders, touching the
               SCARS on her back. His breath is heavy on her neck. 

                         I believe that's a lie... Don't lie
                         to me again.

               He pulls off her glasses and kisses her, softly. Gina
               stiffens, but kisses back.

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                         What can you tell me about cylon

               He gently pushes her and they fall on the bed. 

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                             (in between kisses)
                         I need a cure... How do they work?

               The more he interrogates, the harder his hands probe her
               body. Gina's eyes pop open. She panics.

                         Gaius...Gaius stop...

               But he doesn't stop. He paws her body, too far gone in his
               passion to even care about her answer to his question. 

               Gina SHOVES him hard, and jumps away from the bed. Baltar is

                         What?! What was that for?

               Gina paces, distraught.

                         I thought this time for sure--
                         I thought I could, but...I'm sorry. 

               Realization dawns on Baltar. Visibly annoyed, he GROANS in
               his sexual frustration and drops back down on the bed,

               ON GINA: She turns away, relieved. 

               But whether that relief comes from not having to go through
               with the sexual act or from not having to answer Baltar's
               question remains unknown... 

               INT. PEGASUS - SICKBAY

               This is a large sterile room, similar to a HOSPITAL WARD.
               However, at this very moment, it's anything but sterile

               ...SICK PATIENTS are everywhere. All the cots have long been
               filled with bodies, and now people are littering the floor or
               sitting slumped against the walls. Some even spill out into
               the corridor. All of them MOANING. 

               Kara walks through this mess, side-stepping LIMBS, BODIES,
               and various VOMIT stains. It's difficult to discern who is
               still alive and who is dead.  

               She heads towards the back of the room, to the furthest cot.
               Something interests her there, the occupant maybe...  

               And as she gets closer we finally see that the occupant of
               this cot is Lee! 

               He lies under a blanket, slightly SHAKING. His face has
               numerous LESIONS on it -- the same kind we previously saw on
               the dead body Tyrol discovered. From the look of it, Lee's
               prognosis is not good.   

               Kara doesn't look any better. Her skin now has a CLAMMY
               grayish quality, and an open SORE has formed on her forehead. 

               She stands at the foot of Lee's cot, staring at him grimly.
               He turns to her. 

                         You look like hell.

               Despite the gravity of the situation Kara cracks up. Lee
               laughs from her laughing.

                         I know.

               The light moment quickly passes and reality sets back in.
               Kara touches his blanketed foot.

                                   KARA (cont'd)
                         How are you? You want anything?


               Kara nods. She slumps into a chair by his bedside. 

                         Chief took samples from the Raider
                         back to Galactica. Doc Cottle is
                         probably cooking up a cure as we


               Lee COUGHS painfully. Kara reaches out, takes his hand. As
               Lee recovers...  

                                   LEE (cont'd)
                             (re: her hand on his)
                         You don't have to do that.

                         Frak you. I want to. 

               And despite his protests, Lee is grateful for it. 

               Kara leans back in her chair, getting more comfortable,
               preparing for the long haul. She looks around the decimated

               KARA'S POV: 

               -- A LIEUTENANT hugs a convulsing PILOT. 

               -- SPECIALIST TURNUS lies on the floor, his eyes open --

               -- A pale PETTY OFFICER carefully feeds water to a prostrated
               young DOCTOR. He coughs most of the water up.

               Kara blinks and squeezes Lee's hand.

                                   KARA (cont'd)
                         It's harder than I thought it would
                         be -- to just sit still, waiting to

                         It's not that hard.

               As he shuts his eyes we...

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                   END OF ACT TWO
                                      ACT THREE

               FADE IN:


               Laura leans over the sink, splashing WATER on her face. She
               straightens up and reaches for a TOWEL.

               As she watches herself in the MIRROR, the REFLECTION that
               stares back looks tired and worried -- clearly weighed down
               by the events of the day.


               Colonial One is eerily SILENT as Laura steps into her empty
               office, deeply absorbed in her own thoughts. 

               She walks to her desk but as she looks up she FREEZES in mid
               stride -- someone is sitting there in her chair, a dark
               haired WOMAN, her head hunched low over paperwork. 

               As Laura cautiously approaches, the woman at the desk lifts
               her head, looking directly at Laura who now stares back at an
               exact copy of...herself!  

               But the Laura behind the desk is loose, energetic, and much
               more comfortable with herself than our Laura -- so clearly
               she's a cylon... 

                                   CYLON LAURA
                         Welcome, Laura...Please sit.

               She gestures to an empty chair in front of the desk. Laura
               tentatively complies. 

                         What is this?

               Cylon Laura leans in, fingers laced, looking a little

                                   CYLON LAURA
                         Come now...Surely you knew this
                         would happen... 

               Laura's eyes get wider, fear creeps up her spine. She shakes
               her head refusing to believe.  


               Off of Cylon Laura as she reaches to touch Laura's hand we
               SMASH CUT to... 

               INT. COLONIAL ONE - OFFICE

               Laura jerks awake.


               She's at her desk, in the same seat Cylon Laura was just
               sitting it. 

               Laura blinks. She grasps the corners of the desk to steady
               herself as she catches her breath, slowly recovering. 

               INT. GALACTICA - BALTAR'S LAB

               Baltar, in a crisp LAB COAT with a cigarette hanging from his
               lips, stares at his COMPUTER SCREEN, pressing the same KEY
               over and over. 

               The image on the monitor is a GRAPHIC reading of DNA. It
               flashes RED as Baltar pounds on the keyboard, signaling some
               sort of error. 

                         Damn. I thought I had it for sure
                         this time.


               Cottle, also wearing a lab coat and smoking, carefully
               squirts a few drops of LIQUID from a PIPETTOR onto a PETRIE
               DISH. Then places the petrie dish under a MICROSCOPE. 

                                   COTTLE (cont'd)
                         Would you look at that...


                         It's a carrier. They were all
                         carriers, actually. 

               Cottle looks up from the microscope and gestures to the
               petrie dish.

                                   COTTLE (cont'd)
                         That's the sample Chief Tyrol
                         brought back from Pegasus. It was
                         perfectly dormant until I mixed...
                             (he picks up a vial and
                              squints at the label)
                         Lieutenant Delos' blood with it.
                         Then the pathogen rapidly attacked.  

               Baltar is impressed, if not jealous.

                         Well that's very insightful,
                         doctor, but I'm afraid it
                         contradicts with my theory that the
                         virus was genetically programmed.

                         That's because your theory is

                         Now that's not fair. It's true that
                         I have yet to conduct a successful
                         test, however, that doesn't
                         necessarily mean that I'm "wrong."
                         An infinite amount of reasons can
                         attribute to a failed experiment.
                         For one it could be the computer. I
                         haven't been to this lab in ages.
                         It could be the sample. I mean it
                         could have been -- 

                                   NUMBER SIX
                         Blood, Gaius. 

               Baltar freezes, the words still caught in his throat. He
               watches Number Six saunter over to Cottle and look in the
               microscope. Cottle, of course, remains focused on Baltar.

                                   NUMBER SIX (cont'd)
                         It could have been the blood. 

                             (to Number Six)
                         How do you mean?

                         What do you mean, how do I mean? I
                         just explained it to you.

                                   NUMBER SIX
                         Think about it, Gaius. Would God
                         want his children to suffer?

               Baltar stares at Number Six for a moment before he forces his
               eyes to focus on Cottle. He laughs.

                         Oh, right. I knew that. No, I'm
                         agreeing with you now. 

               He gets up and paces, spinning his new theory. Number Six
               watches as she parks herself on a lab table, legs crossed.

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                         What if it's the blood? 

               Cottle observes him skeptically.

                         You mean Lieutenant Delos' blood? 

                         No, I mean cylon blood...The
                         Raiders were carriers of a dormant
                         pathogen. It wasn't until they
                         crashed into the ships that the
                         virus was released. That's when it
                         spread and infected people --
                         rapidly attacking. So...

               Baltar rushes over to his computer, his fingers fly across
               the keyboard until...

               The DNA graphic chart that was flashing red before now
               suddenly turns GREEN. Baltar turns the monitor towards
               Cottle, grinning proudly.

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                         If we can manipulate the virus on a
                         genetic level to think that human
                         blood is actually cylon blood --
                         then we have our cure. 

               Cottle considers this. 

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                         We'll just need a sample from our
                         resident cylon prisoner to make it
                         all better.

               As Baltar turns to Six, silently gloating...


               Helo stands with the receiver to his ear, just like before,
               only this time he looks desperate.   

                         Sharon, please listen to me...It's
                         not like I have a lot of choice

               Sharon sits on the edge of her cot, rolling her eyes. She
               looks disheveled, her hair knotted, her face tear-stained. If
               she were human she'd look like someone who hasn't slept in

                                   HELO (cont'd)
                         I can't expect them to ignore this, 
                         no matter how much I want them
                         to... You know I can't. 
                         I was on Pegasus myself. I saw what
                         it's like over there. Imagine how
                         many people will die if this virus
                         manages to spread from ship to
                         ship...This is a matter of
                         protecting the fleet. 

               Sharon shakes her head, refusing to look at him. 

                                   HELO (cont'd)
                         Look, it's just a blood sample...I
                         don't understand why it matters to
                         you so much.

               At this Sharon looks right at him. She comes over and grabs
               the receiver.

                         You want to know why it matters,
                         Helo? I'll tell you...Doesn't it
                         strike you odd that whenever
                         something happens to the fleet it's
                         you who always comes to me. You
                         stand there -- just like you're
                         standing there now and you beg for
                         me to save them. And what do I do?
                         I help them, for your sake. I save
                         them. And then I wait until the
                         next time you need me... 
                         But what do they do for me?
                         They keep me in this cage. They
                         murder the only thing that I was
                         living for... 

               Sharon breaks off, struggling just to look at Helo. She
               shakes her head -- No. 

                         Sharon-- They can take it by force
                         and I won't be able to stop them--

                         They murdered our daughter, Helo!
                         Don't you understand? I want them
                         to suffer!

               She throws the receiver down, but doesn't move. She stares at
               Helo, searching his face for some sign of allegiance. 

               But Helo just stares back, empty and completely distraught...


               CLOSE UP on Adama's HAND holding the old photograph of a much
               younger Adama with his two small sons, Lee and Zack.  

               ON ADAMA as he studies the photograph, his face full grief.   

               Laura sits in a chair across from Adama, her head bent
               slightly, lost in her own thoughts. 

               The SILENCE is broken when Adama puts the photograph down,
               his fingers lingering on the frame. He walks to the CARAFE OF
               WATER and pours two glasses.

                         Sharon still refuses to cooperate.  


               Laura looks up as Adama hands her a glass. 

                         Helo came to see me. He says he's
                         never seen her so distraught. He
                         went so far as to tell me that he
                         fears for her safety. 

               Adama returns to his desk and sits, wrapping his fingers
               around the glass of water as if it were a mug of steaming
               coffee. Laura considers her next statement. 

                         Perhaps you should speak with her.
                         She trusted you once -- the other

               Adama nods, but doesn't look up. 

                         Do you think this will ever end? 

                         Not in our lifetime. But our
                         children's...We fight for them. 

               Adama looks at his photograph again. 

                         I can't even see my son on his
                         deathbed -- it's too great a risk.

                         Then help him the only way you can.
                         Talk to Sharon. We can't afford to
                         deal with another crisis, not now.
                         If we force the blood from her...
                             (shakes her head)
                         She's been through enough already.

               Off Adama as he considers this, all the while studying
               Laura's face...

               INT. GALACTICA - MORGUE

               Adama pulls out the SLAB that contain's Galactica Sharon's
               mutilated body -- Despite her wounds, even the post-mortem
               ones, she still looks peaceful. 

               ON ADAMA as he momentarily gets lost in this calmness...

               But then the HATCH swings open and Adama watches TWO MARINES
               guide a SHACKLED Sharon into the morgue. 

                             (to the Marines)
                         Take off her restraints. 

               The Marines do as they're told -- they remove the HAND-CUFFS
               and LEG-IRONS then step back.  

                                   ADAMA (cont'd)
                         Thank you...You can go.

               The Marines look skeptically at Adama. He nods. They salute
               and exit, closing the hatch behind them.

               Sharon stands awkwardly in the middle of the room, rubbing
               her wrists, her eyes darting between Adama and Galactica
               Sharon's corpse.  

                                   ADAMA (cont'd)
                         I loved her like a daughter.

               Sharon steps closer -- the extent of Galactica Sharon's
               wounds register on Sharon's face. 

                         This is how you love someone?

               She touches the gunshot wound on Galactica Sharon's cheek --
               the new one from Sesha Abinell's gun.  

                                   SHARON (cont'd)
                         Of course it is...
                         What do you want from me?

               Sharon's bitterness stings Adama.

                         I want you to consider how many
                         lives we can save with your

                         I'm a cylon, Admiral. I'm your
                         enemy. I'd be going against my
                         nature if I helped you. 

                         You love Helo, don't you?

               This takes Sharon by surprise. 

                                   ADAMA (cont'd)
                         You loved your baby.

               Sharon immediately stiffens.

                                   ADAMA (cont'd)
                         But that's not how you were
                             (he looks at Galactica
                         We all know what betrayal feels
                         like -- don't think it's a new

               He looks at Sharon, his eyes a mixture of hope and grief.

                                   ADAMA (cont'd)
                         Just embrace it and move on.
                         Doc Cottle is ready for you in
                         sickbay. I'm sure you know, if
                         necessary, we will force the blood
                         sample from you. But I don't want
                         to take that step just yet. 

               ON SHARON as she stares at Galactica Sharon's body...

               Sharon suddenly seems so lost -- emotions pummeling her
               insides into a frenzy of confusion -- and all she can do is

               INT. GALACTICA - SICKBAY

               Sharon sits on a COT, looking at the ground. 

               A NEEDLE is stuck in her arm -- the end connected to a TUBE.
               BLOOD runs through this tube into a VIAL in Cottle's hands.  

               Helo holds Sharon's hand. Cottle looks at him encouragingly. 

               The vial is almost full. Cottle removes it and replaces it
               with an empty one. As blood begins to fill the new vial,
               Cottle hands the full one to Baltar who takes it over to a

               Adama stands in the back, observing. The two Marines stand at
               attention nearby.

               The room is QUIET until...

               The HATCH pops open and Laura enters. 

                             (in greeting)

                         Madame President -- 

                         Come to join our little medical

               Everyone looks at Baltar -- that was inappropriate and he
               knows it. He clears his throat.

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)
                         I just meant -- we're working very
                         very hard.

                         Yes...I can see that Dr. Baltar.
                         Thank you.

               She walks to Sharon, forcing a smile.

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         And thank you...for your

               Sharon looks at Laura, her face ashen.

                         My cooperation...

               Helo squeezes her hand in warning.

                                   SHARON (cont'd)

                         And we're grateful for it, always.  

                         You're a liar.


                         I'm sorry?

               Cottle removes the second full vial and replaces it with
               another empty. The blood continues to drip.

                         Go ahead, act coy and innocent.
                         That doesn't fool me -- I know what
                         you did.

               Sharon's eyes burrow into Laura's.

                                   SHARON (cont'd)
                         You use everyone in your path to
                         further your means and you justify
                         it all by calling it
                         survival...Survival of the human
                         race...Hera was only a baby...
                         And you're all murderers!

               Sharon's voice cracks. She RIPS the needle from her arm and
               throws it -- A SPRAY of blood hits Cottle's lab coat while
               the vial SHATTERS on the floor. 

               Helo grabs Sharon as Laura steps back defensively. 

               The Marines AIM their WEAPONS but Adama steps forward, his
               arm raised, signaling them to wait because... 

               Sharon doesn't attack. She just sits on the cot, holding her
               bleeding arm -- her shoulders heaving from a mixture of
               laughing and crying. 

               Cottle is the first to move -- he presses GAUZE to Sharon's

               The Marines lower their weapons and Adama turns to Helo. 

                         I think she's had enough. Take her
                         back to her cell.

                             (to Sharon)
                         I want you to know that I meant
                         what I said. You have my full
                         sympathies on the loss of your
                         baby, but think of how many parents
                         lost their children as a result of
                         this war. Think of how many
                         children are dying right now from
                         this disease...   

               Laura looks at Adama then back to Sharon.

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         Your contributions have not been

               Sharon shakes her head, holding something back, fighting her
               emotions. But finally she gives up.

                         You're all such fools...The cylons
                         hit Pegasus but they were aiming
                         for both battlestars. By
                         sacrificing a few Raiders they
                         would render the entire fleet

                         The virus was just the first stage
                         of the attack...

               Sharon nods.

                         So that later they could come back,
                         pick off the rest of the fleet
                         without any opposition...

                         There's going to be another wave...

               As Adama clenches his jaw, his mind racing, we...

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                  END OF ACT THREE
                                      ACT FOUR

               FADE IN:

               INT. GALACTICA - BALTAR'S LAB

               Cottle holds X-RAYS up to the light, squinting at them,
               puffing on another cigarette. 

               Baltar inputs DATA into his computer. He punches away on the
               KEYBOARD until that pesky red ERROR graphic appears. 


               Cottle switches x-rays.


                         Oh I'm sure it's nothing. I'll
                             (types something)

               The graphic turns green and then immediately turns red again.
               It FLASHES on the screen.

                                   BALTAR (cont'd)

               Cottle turns.


                         I believe we have a slight problem.

                         What kind of slight problem?

               Baltar runs his hands through his hair.

                         I may have misjudged the extent of
                         our capabilities to manipulate
                         cylon DNA.

                         You mean your theory was crap all

                         Look, I just didn't consider that
                         the virus would entirely shut down
                         when it came into contact with
                         cylon blood -- an unfortunate
                         misjudgment on my part, I admit.

               Cottle suddenly turns to Baltar.

                         It shut down?

                         Yes -- completely. I mean it's
                         quite impossible to isolate the
                         antigen if it's in complete stasis,
                         now isn't it? 

               Cottle grows silent, mulling something over. Then it hits
               him. He suddenly jumps up and begins packing all of his

                         You're a real piece of work,

               Baltar turns.

                         Excuse me?

                         You heard me. One hurdle and you
                         give up? Some genius...

               Cottle heads for the hatch, Baltar looks confused. 

                         Where are you going?

                             (as he exits)
                         I've had enough of this loony bin. 

               As Baltar's monitor flashes red...


               Cottle, in his COLONIAL UNIFORM, stands in front of Adama's
               desk, Laura stands next to him. 

               Adama stares up at them.

                             (to Cottle)
                         I can't give you a Raptor, not when
                         we're anticipating an attack. 

                         I know the extent of our situation,
                         but I wouldn't be asking if it
                         weren't important...You have to
                         trust me on this one, Bill. 

                         I trust you, but you're our only
                         doctor and I can't risk you leaving
                         Galactica...Not now. 

                         I have a hunch on how to cure this
                         thing. But it's dangerous.

               Adama considers this. Cottle looks at Laura, she nods -- it's

                                   COTTLE (cont'd)
                         Baltar's theory -- that
                         manipulating Sharon's blood would
                         produce an antiviral protein --
                         backfired on him. But it got me
                         thinking...If the virus attacks
                         human blood but shuts down in cylon
                         blood, then the only way we can
                         obtain a successful antigen is from
                         a mixture of the two.   

                         From Sharon's baby.

               Adama takes off his glasses. He suddenly understands what's
               going on and he feels foolish.   

                         That baby was destroyed. We

                         That baby is genetically programmed
                         to naturally resist this infection.
                         It's our only hope.

                         Where is it?

                         I've placed her on the Argo, with a
                         young mother who has no idea what
                         her baby really is.  

               Adama stands up, his fury showing in his eyes.

                         You're insane, both of you! Do you
                         have any idea what kind of danger
                         you've put this fleet in because
                         that baby still lives? 
                         Who is this young mother? Where did
                         you find her? How do you know she's
                         not a cylon agent and you haven't
                         just handed over exactly what the
                         cylons have been after all along?
                         And now that they have it they send
                         a virus and wipe us all out... 

               Laura takes it all, tight-lipped. 

                         Nobody knows, Admiral...You didn't
                         even know...

               Adama stares at Laura, betrayed.

                         You lied to me... 

                         I had no choice. You said it
                         yourself, if the cylons went to
                         such trouble keeping that baby
                         alive then it's valuable to them.
                         Now imagine how valuable it can be
                         to us.  

               She looks at Cottle.

                             (re: Laura)
                         It already has been.

                         I acted with the best interest of
                         the fleet in mind. 

               Adama slowly sits back down. 

                         I hope you're right, Madame
                         President...You have your Raptor.

               Laura smiles, but her triumph is laced with regret...

               EXT. SPACE

               A single RAPTOR flies from Galactica towards the mass of
               fleet ships -- heading for THE ARGO, a small transport ship.  

               INT. GALACTICA - CIC

               The ship is at Condition One -- all posts manned and ready,
               waiting for the inevitable attack.

               Adama strides into CIC, a man not to be reckoned with. Tigh
               observes the sudden change in Adama's demeanor.

                         What happened to you?

               Adama's eyes flash -- he is not to be messed with. 


                         There's nothing to report. It's all
                         quiet. They haven't even--

               An ALARM goes off and Gaeta whirls to his consul.

                         Dradis contact! 

               EXT. SPACE

               Sure enough twenty RAIDERS have Jumped in. 

               INT. GALACTICA - CIC

               The frenzy has begun...

                         How many Raiders are we dealing

                         Approximately twenty, Sir.

                         They're alone -- No Base Stars.

                         Not yet anyway.

               Adama's eyes burrow through the dradis screen.

                         Launch all Vipers. I want Galactica
                         positioned between those Raiders
                         and Pegasus. We draw all the fire!

               EXT. SPACE

               VIPERS shoots out of Galactica and race to meet the Raiders.

                                   KAT (WIRELESS)
                         Galactica/Kat. I have a visual --
                         All Vipers prepare to engage on my

               EXT. SPACE - CYLON RAIDERS

               The Raiders are all aligned and ready for attack -- These are
               healthy and seem very much like their regular old selves

               INT. PEGASUS - SICKBAY

               ON KARA as she sits in the chair by Lee's bedside, her head
               cocked to one side -- sleeping. 

               From the SPEAKERS a WEAK female voice repeats over and

                                   FEMALE VOICE
                         Action stations, action stations.
                         This is not a drill, I repeat, this
                         is not a drill...

               Kara's eyes POP OPEN -- her instincts telling her to rise but
               her body telling her to stay immobile.

               She listens to her instincts and as soon as she sits up she
               AUDIBLY WINCES. 

               Kara turns her head to see if Lee is awake. Sure enough he is
               -- his eyes are open, studying something on the ceiling.  

               Kara slowly rises and turns to leave. Lee looks at her, when
               her back is turned.

                         Don't do it, Kara...That's an

               Kara smiles. She looks back at him over her shoulder -- her
               mind already set. 

                         You should know, Commander, I have
                         a bad habit of disobeying orders... 

               As Kara leaves Lee behind... 

               EXT. THE ARGO

               The Argo flies cushioned between TWO LARGE CARGO SHIPS --
               oblivious to the battle of VIPERS and RAIDERS in the

               INT. THE ARGO - MAYA'S QUARTERS

               The room is SMALL and humble -- equivalent to a cozy studio

               However, the tranquility is interrupted by the sound of a
               BABY CRYING. 

               Laura and Cottle sit on a COUCH watching Maya pick up the
               baby from a WHITE BABY'S CRIB in the corner of the room. 

               Maya cradles the baby, gently rocking her, and sits opposite
               from Laura and Cottle.

                         I'm sorry -- She's been crying like
                         this all night...I don't know
                         what's wrong -- I hope she's not
                         getting sick...

               Maya looks at Cottle, sudden panic in her eyes.

               Cottle and Laura exchange looks.

                         Well that's actually why we're
                         here, Maya. That's why Dr. Cottle
                         is here.
                         There is a chance that your ship
                         has been exposed to the cylon

                         Oh gods...How did this happen? I -
                         I haven't heard anything on the
                         radio or...

               Maya breaks off, her eyes wide with horror.

                         You wouldn't -- not yet anyway. I
                         myself have just been privy to the
                         information. This crisis is

                         Could Isis be -- Is that why she's
                         crying? Could she have this virus?

                         Well that's why we're here, Maya.
                         We have some good news -- Dr.
                         Cottle has created a vaccine...

               Laura looks at Cottle expectantly. Cottle scowls, hating
               every moment of this.  

                         Right. But I'll be frank with you.
                         It's very dangerous and she's not
                         going to like it when I give it to

               Maya rocks the baby, looking concerned.

                         But it works? 

                         It works. Let the doctor administer
                         it to Isis. Just in case...Then
                         we'll take care of you.

               Maya hesitantly nods. She stands. Cottle and Laura stand as

                         Where do you want her?

                         Perhaps it's best that I take her.
                             (to Roslin)
                         And you can help the mother through

                             (as she hands the baby to
                         Oh gods...

               Cottle brings the baby to her crib. He puts her down and
               removes from his MEDICAL BAG a SYRINGE filled with a PINK
               SUBSTANCE. Upon seeing the syringe, Maya gasps. 

                         This vaccine -- it's an infection.
                         There's no telling how Isis might
                         react to it.

               Laura puts her arm around Maya.

                         It's all right, Maya. She'll be all

               Laura looks at Cottle -- Do it.

               Cottle INJECTS the syringe into the baby's bottom, squeezing
               all the pink liquid out. The baby HOWLS. 

               EXT. SPACE

               The RAIDERS put up quite a battle against the VIPERS.  

               As the Vipers sway and swerve evasively, one Raider SHOOTS
               and hits a Viper -- it EXPLODES.

               INT. KAT'S VIPER

               Kat jams the thrusters, DIVING to avoid a collision with the
               burning Viper.

                         I frakking told you to watch your

               INT. HOT DOG'S VIPER

               Hot Dog looks over his shoulder, a Raider has just marked

                                   HOT DOG
                         That's kind of hard to do when
                         we're outnumbered --

               He DIPS to avoid taking fire.

               INT. KAT'S VIPER

               She laughs bitterly. 

                         We're always outnumbered.

               To punctuate the statement Kat squeezes the GUN TRIGGER,
               firing continuously, and hits a stray Raider -- the Raider
               SPIRALS out of control. 

               INT. DUCK'S VIPER

               Through his canopy, Duck sneaks a peek at the Raider Kat just
               sent spiraling. He smiles, amused. 

               When he shifts his attention forward, Duck's eyes grow wide

               Another wave of RAIDERS and a BASE STAR have just Jumped in!

                         Holy frak...We've got incoming! 

               INT. GALACTICA - CIC

               The CIC is a jumble of activity, but Adama and Tigh stand
               still, staring at the dradis screen.

                         Sonofabitch -- the whole armada is

                         Alert the fleet -- we're going to

               Tigh looks surprised.

                         What about Pegasus and the damaged
                         ships? You didn't want to risk it

                         I changed my mind. We have less of
                         a chance if we stay here.

               That's all Tigh needed to hear.

                         Galactica to all vessels -- Prepare
                         to make an immediate Jump to escape
                         coordinates Delta. Repeat -- escape
                         coordinates Delta. Set clocks on my

                             (to Gaeta)
                         Begin Jump Prep. 

               EXT. SPACE

               Raiders are EVERYWHERE -- all of them firing at the Vipers.

               INT. KAT'S VIPER

               Kat is feeling the pressure -- eyes wide, face sweating.

                         Galactica/Kat. We're getting
                         pummeled here!

               She pulls on the thrusters, SPINNING to avoid a collision
               with a Raider. 

                                   KAT (cont'd)
                         I don't know how much longer we can
                         hold them.

               Through her canopy she can see THREE Raiders coming right for
               her. Kat's heart races -- she can't possibly avoid them

               But she doesn't have to because suddenly KARA'S VIPER comes
               out of nowhere, shoots past Kat, and engages all three of the
               Raiders at once.

                                   KAT (cont'd)

               INT. KARA'S VIPER

               Kara's eyes are full of hatred as she squeezes the trigger,
               firing at the Raiders. 

                         Come and get me, you frakkers --
                         come on!

               She fires repeatedly, hitting all three Raiders. 

               But afterwards Kara doesn't pull back. She DIVES into the
               FRAY, firing wildly, SCREAMING a war cry as Raiders EXPLODE
               all around her.  

               She has literally taken out a whole SQUADRON of Raiders all
               by herself. 

               And now Kara is spent. She breathes heavily, any moment now
               she might pass out...

               INT. THE ARGO - MAYA'S QUARTERS

               All eyes are on the baby as she suddenly stops crying and
               begins to CONVULSE. 

               Maya tries to move forward, but Laura holds her back, shaking
               her head. Maya turns to Cottle, but his eyes never leave the

                             (to Cottle)
                         Help her -- Do something!

               Cottle holds up a hand, signaling Maya to wait. The violent
               convulsions suddenly stop -- the baby lies perfectly still. 

                         She's not breathing. 

               Cottle grabs his medical bag. Maya lunges at the crib. 

                         Isis! Oh gods...

                         What can I do, Doctor?

               Laura looks him right in the eye -- she means it. Cottle
               takes out a BREATHING MASK. 

                         Here, help me with this.

               The mask is a little big for the baby so Cottle takes Laura's
               hand and places the palm on top of the mask giving the
               impression that Laura is about to suffocate the baby. 

                                   COTTLE (cont'd)
                         Apply pressure so the oxygen
                         doesn't escape. 

               Laura nods nervously. The baby looks tiny beneath her palm. 

               Cottle presses with two fingers on the baby's chest -- quick
               little compressions. Maya stares anxiously through the bars
               of the crib.   

               And suddenly the baby COUGHS. Laura immediately moves to lift
               her hand but Cottle holds it still. He prods the baby with
               his STETHOSCOPE and only after his face relaxes does he let
               Laura lift the mask. 

               The baby now looks perfectly happy and healthy. She KICKS and

               Maya laughs through her tears. Cottle looks at Laura, she
               sighs, relieved. 

               After a moment Cottle takes out an empty syringe.

                                   COTTLE (cont'd)
                         I have to bring back a sample of
                         your baby's blood -- for further
                         testing on Galactica. It won't hurt
                         her, I promise.

               Maya reluctantly nods. She holds the baby's hand as Cottle
               fills the syringe with blood. The baby doesn't cry, but Laura
               does. She stands rigid, smiling diplomatically, but still a
               tear slips through, and as Laura quickly brushes it away

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT. COLONIAL ONE - LATER

               Another PRESS CONFERENCE is underway. 

                         ...Distribution of the vaccine is
                         our number one priority and you
                         have my word that all vessels in
                         the fleet will receive a shipment.  

               The REPORTERS jumps up.

                         Madame President! Madame President!

               Laura genuinely smiles. 

                         That is all for now.

               She steps back from the podium, waving at the PHOTOGRAPHERS.

               In the back Baltar stands like before, except this time he
               looks furious.

               Number Six stands next to him, imitating his demeanor.

                                   NUMBER SIX
                         You're an easy target, Gaius.
                         Susceptible to all kinds of attack.

                         Oh come off it.

                                   NUMBER SIX
                         How do you expect to win the
                         presidency if you let her steal the
                         spotlight from right under you? 

                         Look, I couldn't make that cure, I
                         admit, but I just don't understand
                         how he could...

                                   NUMBER SIX
                         Doctors lie. Presidents lie. You
                         You're jealous.

               Baltar doesn't respond. He looks huffy. Number Six comes
               over, drapes her arms around him. 

                                   NUMBER SIX (cont'd)
                         Gaius, Gaius...Failure stings, huh?
                         But you're lucky.
                         You have earned God's favor and he
                         shall reward you. 
                         In time they'll be jealous of

               As Baltar contemplates going in for a kiss...

               INT. PEGASUS - LEE'S OFFICE

               Lee writes in his LOG as Kara enters. He looks up, puts his
               pen down.

               The two of them seem much better now, though Lee still has
               some SORES on his face.

                         Should you be out of sickbay so

                         Someone has to do some work around
                         here. Besides, Cottle's miracle
                         cure is doing wonders -- I've never
                         felt better. 

                         I just spoke with the Old Man. He
                         gave me the all-clear to return to
                         Galactica. So...
                         I just wanted to see how you were
                         doing before I left.

                         Well I'm fine now -- thanks.

               Kara nods, she turns to leave. Then...

                                   LEE (cont'd)
                         What you did out there today was

               This gets Kara's attention.

                                   LEE (cont'd)
                         You acted recklessly, not to
                         mention you disobeyed a direct
                         You could've gotten everyone out
                         there killed. You could've gotten
                         yourself killed. 

                         Well that was the plan, so...

               Kara turns around. Lee smiles, disappointed. 

                                   KARA (cont'd)
                         Come on, Lee...No way was I going
                         to rot in sick bay while the cylons
                         were out there. Not after what they
                         did to us. 

                         I get it, Kara. I really do...It's
                         hard to relinquish control like
                         that. But you were unfit to fly,
                         Kara, and you put everyone in
                         Sometimes it's best just to step

                         We can't afford any more backwards

               On Lee as he studies Kara's face -- somewhere inside he knows
               that she is right...

               INT. COLONIAL ONE - OFFICE

               Laura sits behind her desk, Adama sits across from her. They
               are both SILENT.

               Tory enters and hands Laura a FILE.

                         The final casualty count, Madame

                         Thank you, Tory.

               Tory leaves and Laura flips open the file. 

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         Four-hundred forty-six dead...What
                         a waste.

               She stands and subtracts that number from the number on her
               WHITE BOARD. 

               Laura sits back down and picks up her own MEDICAL FILE. She
               hands it to Adama.

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         That's my medical file. It's
                         supposed to be confidential. We
                         don't want the fleet knowing all
                         the details of how their president
                         is still walking after her bout
                         with terminal cancer. 

               Adama doesn't open the file.

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         It says in there my cancer was
                         cured due to "an amalgam in the
                         cylon human's blood DNA."
                         You made that decision and I'm
                         grateful for it. I'm alive now
                         because of it. 

               She smiles an empty smile.  

                                   LAURA (cont'd)
                         That baby cured me without even
                         drawing breath -- how did we think
                         we could destroy something like
                         that? Thank the gods we didn't...

                         You may be right, but you still
                         should have told me. You can't
                         afford to keep me in the dark like
                         that again.

               Laura nods, she looks down. Suddenly her shoulders heave.

                         I fear my own body, Bill...

               She looks up, her eyes are wet with tears. Adama reaches
               over, touches her hand.

               On this we go WIDE -- Laura and Adama are completely alone.
               And in this moment, as Laura lets all her armor crumble,

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                     END OF SHOW
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